Copper Alloy Applications - Construction Industry


Because the copper water pipe has many advantages such […]

Because the copper water pipe has many advantages such as beautiful and durable, convenient installation, safety fire prevention, health care, etc., it has obvious superior price-performance ratio compared with galvanized steel pipe and plastic pipe. In residential and public buildings, water supply, heating, gas supply and fire sprinkler systems are increasingly popular and become the material of choice. In developed countries, copper water supply systems have taken up a large proportion. New York, the United States, is known as the world's sixth tallest building in the Manhattan Building, which is only for the water system, it uses 60,000 feet (1 km) of copper pipes. In Europe, the consumption of steel pipes for drinking water is large. The consumption of copper pipes for drinking water in the UK is 1.6 kg per person per year and 0.2 kg in Japan. Since galvanized steel pipes are prone to rust, many countries have banned them. Hong Kong was banned from use as early as January 1996, and Shanghai was also implemented in May 1998. It is imperative to promote the use of copper piping systems in housing construction in China.