Copper Alloy Applications - Light Industry (2)


Clock The production of timepieces, timers and devices […]

The production of timepieces, timers and devices with clockwork, most of which are made of ""watch brass". The alloy contains 1.5-2% lead and has good processing properties, which is suitable for large-scale production. For example, the gears are cut out from long extruded brass rods that are punched out of strips of corresponding thickness, made of brass or other copper alloy to make engraved clock surfaces, screws and joints, and the like. A large number of inexpensive watches are made of gunmetal (tin-zinc bronze) or nickel-silver (white copper). Some famous big clocks are made of steel and copper alloy. The British "Big Ben" uses the solid gun copper rod for the hour hand and the 14-foot copper tube for the minute hand.
A modern watch factory, with copper alloy as the main material, is processed with a press and precise molds, and can produce 10,000 to 30,000 watches per day at a very low cost.