Copper Alloy Applications - Light Industry (3)


Papermaking In today's society where information is eve […]

In today's society where information is ever-changing, paper consumption is large. The surface of the paper appears to be simple, but the papermaking process is complex and requires many steps to apply many machines, including coolers, evaporators, beaters, paper machines, and the like. Many of these components, such as various heat exchange tubes, rollers, strikers, semi-liquid pumps, and wire mesh, are mostly made of steel alloy.
For example, a Fourdrinier paper machine is used which sprays the prepared pulp onto a fast moving mesh having a fine mesh (40 to 60 mesh). The mesh is woven from brass and phosphor bronze wire. It is very wide, usually 20 feet (6 meters) or more, and is required to remain completely straight. The mesh moves over a series of small brass or copper rollers, and as the pulp passes over it, the moisture is sucked out from below. The mesh is simultaneously vibrated to bond the small fibers in the pulp together. The large paper machine has a large mesh size of 26 feet 8 inches (8 l) and 100 feet (30.5 meters). Wet pulp is not only water-containing, but also contains chemicals used in the papermaking process and is highly corrosive. In order to ensure the quality of the paper, the requirements of the mesh material are very strict, not only have high strength and elasticity; but also against pulp corrosion, the copper alloy can be fully qualified.