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  • Aviation

  • Aerospace

  • High-speed rail

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Rich Technical Knowledge & Manufacturing Experience

  • Product Diversity

    We provide a wide range of copper alloys, and we will continue to introduce new products to market in the future
  • Quality Control

    Our brass wire will be sold under strict quality control
  • R & D and Testing

    We have a well-trained R & D and quality control team
  • Service

    We have a reliable pre-sale and after-sale service process

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News & Exhibition

  • 2023.11.23

    Are there any special considerations or precautions necessary when working with bronze alloys?

    Working with bronze alloys requires specific considerations and precautions to ensure safety and achieve successful outcomes in various applications. Here are some key consideratio...
  • 2023.11.16

    How does the cost of bronze alloys compare to other materials commonly used in similar applications?

    The cost of Bronze Alloy Materials can vary depending on factors such as the specific alloy composition, market conditions, and the form in which it is purchased (raw material, cas...
  • 2023.11.09

    What are the common applications of bronze alloys?

    Bronze alloys have a long history of use in various applications due to their desirable combination of properties, including corrosion resistance, durability, and ease of casting. ...