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Ningbo Feihong United New-Materials Co,.Ltd. was founded in 1986, which is a high-tech enterprise devoting to researching, manufacturing and selling non-ferrous alloy new material series. Is a modern

China Brass Brazing Rods Manufacturers and Brass Wire Suppliers

.Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Products are widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail, automobiles, ships, electricity, motors, refrigeration, handicrafts, heat exchange more than 30 fields.
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  • Titanium alloy heat treatment - annealing (1)


    The main types of titanium alloy annealing include: stress relief annealing, simple annealing, isothermal annealing, double annealing, recrystallization annealing, and vacuum annealing. (1) Stress relief annealing In order to eliminate internal stress generated by processes such as plastic deformation and welding, the workpiece is heated to an annealing process below the recrys...

  • Alloy classification (2)


    Zinc alloy: The main added elements of zinc alloy are aluminum, copper and magnesium. According to the processing technology, zinc alloy can be divided into two types: deformation and cast zinc alloy. Cast zinc alloy has good fluidity and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for die-casting instruments, automotive parts and the like. Magnesium alloy: The alloying elements in t...

  • Alloy classification


    Copper alloys: Common copper alloys are brass, bronze and white copper. Aluminum alloy: According to the composition of aluminum alloy and the characteristics of production process, it is usually divided into two major categories: deformation and cast aluminum alloy. Industrial applications are mainly aluminum-manganese, aluminum-magnesium, aluminum-magnesium-copper, aluminum-m...

  • Non-ferrous metal material classification method (3)


    Classified by production and application 1. Non-ferrous smelting products: Refers to various pure non-ferrous metals or alloy products obtained by smelting methods. 2. Colored processed products (or deformed alloys): Refers to various colored semi-finished materials such as tubes, handles, wires, patterns, plates, foils, strips and belts produced by mechanical processing method...

  • Non-ferrous metal material classification method (2)


    Classified by chemical composition Copper and copper alloys, aluminum and aluminum alloys, lead and lead alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, titanium and titanium alloys. When sorted by shape. Can be divided into: plate, strip, belt, foil, tube, rod, wire, type and other varieties. www.feihongalloys.com

  • Non-ferrous metal material classification method (1)


    By alloy system Heavy-colored metal alloys, light-colored metal alloys, precious metal alloys, rare metal alloys, etc.; depending on the alloy application, it can be divided into: deformation (alloy for pressure processing), casting alloy, bearing alloy, printing alloy, hard alloy, solder, intermediate alloy , metal powder, etc. www.feihongalloys.com

  • Copper alloy application - aerospace


    Recently, some materials with higher critical temperatures have been discovered, called "high temperature superconducting materials", which are mostly composite oxides. A well-known and well-known copper-based oxide (YB2 Cu3 O7) with a critical temperature of 90K can work at liquid nitrogen temperature. However, materials having a critical temperature near room temperature have...

  • Copper Alloy Applications - Construction Industry


    Because the copper water pipe has many advantages such as beautiful and durable, convenient installation, safety fire prevention, health care, etc., it has obvious superior price-performance ratio compared with galvanized steel pipe and plastic pipe. In residential and public buildings, water supply, heating, gas supply and fire sprinkler systems are increasingly popular and be...

  • Copper Alloy Applications - Light Industry (5)


    Medicine In the pharmaceutical industry, all kinds of steaming, boiling, and vacuum devices are made of pure copper. Zinc white copper is widely used in medical devices. Copper alloy is also a common material for glasses frames, etc. www.feihongalloys.com