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Rich Technical Knowledge & Manufacturing Experience

  • Product Diversity

    We provide a wide range of copper alloys, and we will continue to introduce new products to market in the future
  • Quality Control

    Our brass wire will be sold under strict quality control
  • R & D and Testing

    We have a well-trained R & D and quality control team
  • Service

    We have a reliable pre-sale and after-sale service process

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News & Exhibition

  • 2024.04.19

    How do Copper-Nickel Alloy materials contribute to the durability of coinage and currency?

    Copper-nickel alloy materials have shown significant advantages in improving the durability of coinage and currency, and this has been widely recognized and applied. Its unique phy...
  • 2024.04.11

    What are the applications of Copper-Nickel Alloy materials in the automotive industry?

    In the automotive industry, copper-nickel alloy materials are not only widely used, but also play an extremely important role. This alloy plays a vital role in automobile manufactu...
  • 2024.04.03

    How do Copper-Nickel Alloy materials perform in cryogenic applications?

    Copper-nickel alloy materials perform exceptionally well in low-temperature applications, and their unique physical and chemical properties allow them to perform well in many extre...