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Rich Technical Knowledge & Manufacturing Experience

  • Product Diversity

    We provide a wide range of copper alloys, and we will continue to introduce new products to market in the future
  • Quality Control

    Our brass wire will be sold under strict quality control
  • R & D and Testing

    We have a well-trained R & D and quality control team
  • Service

    We have a reliable pre-sale and after-sale service process

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News & Exhibition

  • 2023.03.24

    How do you properly prepare the surfaces to be brazed when using silver alloy brazing materials?

    Proper surface preparation is essential to ensure a successful brazing process when using silver alloy brazing materials. The following steps should be followed for surface prepara...
  • 2023.03.17

    What types of metals can be brazed using silver alloy brazing materials?

    Silver alloy brazing materials are often used for joining a wide variety of metals, including:Copper and copper alloys (e.g., brass and bronze)Stainless steelCarbon and alloy steel...
  • 2023.03.10

    How is lead-free brass made?

    Lead-free brass is typically made by using alternative materials to replace the lead that is typically present in traditional brass alloys. Commonly used alternatives include bismu...