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Rich Technical Knowledge & Manufacturing Experience

  • Product Diversity

    We provide a wide range of copper alloys, and we will continue to introduce new products to market in the future
  • Quality Control

    Our brass wire will be sold under strict quality control
  • R & D and Testing

    We have a well-trained R & D and quality control team
  • Service

    We have a reliable pre-sale and after-sale service process

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News & Exhibition

  • 2023.09.25

    How can brass alloys be finished or treated for improved appearance or performance?

    Brass alloys can be finished or treated in various ways to enhance their appearance, performance, and durability. The choice of finishing or treatment method depends on the desired...
  • 2023.09.21

    How do brass alloys compare to other metal alloys in terms of strength, corrosion resistance, and ma...

    Brass alloys are a group of metal alloys primarily composed of copper and zinc, with the addition of other elements to achieve specific properties. The characteristics of brass all...
  • 2023.09.04

    Are there any limitations or considerations when using brass alloys?

    Corrosion Vulnerability: Brass alloys are prone to corrosion, especially in environments with high humidity, salt exposure, or acidity. It's crucial to choose a brass alloy with su...