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Brass classification

Materials are: H59, H59-1, H59-2, H59-3, H60, H60-2, H62, H63, H65, H68, H70, H80, H90; C1100, C1020, C2680, C2800, C2600, C2801, C5191 , C5210, C2200, C7521, C7541, C17200, C1070, C7701, QSn6.5-0.1, QSn8-0.3, QSn4-0.3, BZn18-18, BZn15-20, CuBe2 and many other materials, customers are welcome to order sampling .
58-3 copper rod, 59-1 copper rod is a free-cutting brass, with environmentally friendly brass rods and ordinary brass rods. Generally, the authentic 58-3 copper rods and 59-1 copper rods are all extruded. The performance of copper rods produced by ordinary continuous casting copper rods is not achieved in all aspects. The copper rods in the extrusion process have good tensile properties. High hardness and high straightness. Generally, it is used in precision copper parts such as auto parts, medical parts, and electrical parts.
Used in air conditioning pipes, refrigerator pipes, oil pipes, water supply pipes and various mechanical supporting materials, automobile synchronizer gear rings, marine pumps, valves, structural parts, friction accessories, etc.

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