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Bronze is the earliest alloy used in China and has a history of more than 3,000 years.
Bronze originally refers to copper-tin alloy. Copper alloys other than brass and white copper are called bronze, and often the name of the first major additive element in front of the bronze name. Tin bronze has good casting performance, anti-friction performance and good mechanical properties, and is suitable for manufacturing bearings, worm gears, gears, etc. Lead bronze is a widely used bearing material for modern engines and grinding machines. Aluminum bronze has high strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is used for casting high-load gears, bushings, marine propellers, etc. Phosphor bronze has high elastic limit and good electrical conductivity, and is suitable for manufacturing precision springs and electrical contact components. Beryllium bronze is also used to manufacture non-sparking tools for coal mines, oil depots, etc. Beryllium copper is a supersaturated solid solution copper-based alloy with good mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties and corrosion resistance. Powder metallurgy is used for the production of tungsten steel, high carbon steel and high temperature resistant superhard alloys. Because of the large loss of common electrodes and slow speed, tungsten copper is an ideal material. Bending strength ≥ 667Mpa.

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