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Copper alloy application - aerospace

Recently, some materials with higher critical temperatures have been discovered, called "high temperature superconducting materials", which are mostly composite oxides. A well-known and well-known copper-based oxide (YB2 Cu3 O7) with a critical temperature of 90K can work at liquid nitrogen temperature. However, materials having a critical temperature near room temperature have not yet been obtained; and these materials are difficult to form into large objects, and their current density through which superconductivity can be maintained is not high enough. Therefore, it has not been applied in the case of strong electricity, and further research and development is needed.
In aerospace technology, rockets, satellites and space shuttles, in addition to microelectronic control systems and instruments, instrumentation, many key components also use copper and copper alloys. For example, the inner chamber of the rocket engine's combustion chamber and thrust chamber can be cooled by the excellent thermal conductivity of the steel to keep the temperature within the allowable range. The combustion chamber of the Ariane 5 rocket is lined with copper, silver and silver. In this lining, 360 cooling channels are machined, and the rocket is cooled by liquid hydrogen.
In addition, copper alloys are also standard materials for load bearing members in satellite structures. The solar panels on a satellite are usually made of an alloy of copper and several other elements.
Copper alloys are metal materials.

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