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Copper Alloy Applications - Electronics Industry (3)

Integrated circuit
The core of microelectronics technology is integrated circuits. An integrated circuit refers to a micro-miniature circuit in which a semiconductor crystal material is used as a substrate (chip), and components and interconnects constituting the circuit are integrated on a substrate, a surface or a substrate by a special process technology. Such microcircuits are tens of thousands of times smaller in size and weight than the most compact discrete component circuits. Its emergence has caused tremendous changes in computers and has become the foundation of modern information technology. The ultra-large-scale integrated circuits that have been developed have a number of transistors that can be made up to 100,000 or more in a single chip area smaller than the small nails. The internationally renowned computer company IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) has made breakthroughs by using copper instead of aluminum in silicon chips as interconnects. The new microchip with copper can achieve 30% performance gain, and the circuit size of the circuit can be reduced to 0.12 microns, enabling the number of transistors integrated on a single chip to reach 2 million. This is a new situation for the ancient metal copper, which is applied in the latest technical field of semiconductor integrated circuits.

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