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Factors to Consider When Choosing Free Cutting Brass Rods

Free Cutting Brass rods are an excellent choice for many applications. They offer excellent machinability and are used in a variety of industrial processes. Because they are relatively strong, they are an excellent choice for machine shops and are ideal for micro-machining. However, a few factors should be considered before choosing this material.
Free Cutting Brass is an alloy made from a copper-zinc base. It is a multi-purpose alloy that is highly leaded, which promotes free machining while providing good mechanical and corrosion resistant properties. It is an excellent choice for automatic screw machines and high production. Its datasheet contains important information about its composition, physical properties, forming, heat treatment, and joining.
The C36000 Free Cutting Brass alloy has excellent machinability properties and can be used in high speed machining operations. It also exhibits good thread rolling and knurling characteristics, which make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. It is also easy to solder and has a good resistance to corrosion.
The most common brass alloy contains 60% copper, 2 to 3% lead, and 37% zinc. The alloy is often referred to as Free-Cutting Brass, but it is also known as UNS/ANSI Alloy C36000. Approximately one million tons of this alloy is used each year in the United States. About half of that amount is free-cutting brass.

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