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Silver Alloy Brazing Materials

Silver Alloy brazing materials are available in a variety of compositions. Typically, these are free-flowing, low-temperature brazing materials that provide a neat and strong joint. They are also available in a wide range of forms, including wire and rods, preforms, granules, spheres, and strands.
The largest markets for Silver Alloy brazing materials are China and North America.
The main characteristics of silver alloys for brazing include a low melting point, high capillarity, corrosion resistance, and good wettability. However, proper brazing requires the use of the appropriate flux. For example, if you are brazing stainless steel in an environment with high humidity or ammonia, it is best to use an alloy without Zinc. Saldobrase's silver brazing filler materials are excellent for a variety of applications, including brazing stainless steel.
The silver alloy Brazing Materials are available in two main types: the S50N alloy, which contains cadmium, and S50N, which is a silver alloy braze alloy without cadmium. High Impact alloy is the Cadmium-free alloy and it feels more liquid than the other two. Some people have had no problem transitioning to High Impact alloy from other brazing materials.

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