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Silver alloys are used in various applications

Silver alloys are used in various applications. They are commonly found in plumbing, electronics, and HVAC systems. They are ideal for joining nonferrous metals. They are also known for their corrosion-resistant properties. The low zinc content makes them suitable for furnace brazing. They have high capillary action. This is due to the interaction of grain structures in the base metal.
Silver Alloys come in a variety of grades. BAg-8b is one of the most common. It is known as Silvaloy B72. The alloy is suitable for copper and brass. It has a light copper color and has a flow point of 718 degC.
There are two different types of BAg-8b. The first type, called BVAg-8b, has a lower silver content than the second. It is a more active alloy. However, it is not recommended for applications where there is a lot of heat stress. The second type, BAg-8, has a higher silver content. It is not as reactive as BVAg-8b. It is a better choice for vacuum and fluxless brazing.
Silver Alloys are easy to use. They are available in wire, rods, and strips. They are also available in a variety of compositions. They are easy to process and provide a neat joint. The alloys are suited for brazing of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are able to wet the base metal, and provide high strength ductile joints.
Another type of silver brazing alloy is the Meta-Braze(tm) range. They are a family of brazing materials that can be used to join copper, stainless steel, or mild steel. They are not suitable for aluminium alloys.

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