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Types of Silver Alloy Brazing Materials

Various types of silver alloy brazing materials are available in the market. These are used in a variety of applications such as jewelry making, dental work and wire fabrication. They are also used in high production metal joining operations. These materials are available in different forms such as wires, rods, blocks, ribbons, and bars. The main purpose of using these materials is to produce strong, neat, and corrosion resistant joints.
The main type of brazing alloys used are those which have low melting points. These include KM50, KM49, and KM43. The melting point of these alloys is 1145-1650oF. They are used for joining all metals. These are also used in joining dissimilar metals and in some cases, these alloys are used in joining stainless steel.
Another type of brazing alloy is one which does not contain any cadmium. This type is used for joining stainless steel in humid environments. It is also used in air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing applications.
The other type of brazing alloy is one which contains tin. The tin content provides good wetting on various metals. The tin content also helps in producing a low melting point for the brazing filler metal. The tin content also helps in controlling the temperature of the brazing filler metal. This brazing filler metal is cadmium free and has good flow properties.
The high purity of these alloys also makes them suitable for joining glass to metal seals. These alloys are widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

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