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Vacuum material zirconium (3)

Zirconium has a small thermal neutron capture cross section and outstanding nuclear properties. It is an indispensable material for the development of atomic energy industry and can be used as a reactor core structure material. Zirconium powder is easy to burn in the air and can be used to detonate detonators and smokeless gunpowder. Zirconium can be used as an additive for deoxidation and desulfurization of high-quality steel. It is also a component of armor steel, steel for cannon, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. Zirconium is an important alloying element of magnesium alloys, which can improve the tensile strength and processing properties of magnesium. Zirconium is also a modifier of aluminum-magnesium alloys that refines grains. Zirconium dioxide and zircon are the most valuable compounds in refractories. Zirconium dioxide is the main material of new ceramics and cannot be used as a heating material for high temperature oxidation. Zirconium dioxide can be used as an additive for acid-resistant enamel and glass, which can significantly improve the elasticity, chemical stability and heat resistance of the glass. Zircon has strong light reflection properties and good thermal stability, and can be used as an opacifier in ceramics and glass. Zirconium can absorb a large amount of gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and ammonia when heated. It is an ideal getter. For example, zirconium powder is used as a deaerator in the electron tube, and zirconium wire zirconium sheet is used as a grid support and an anode support.

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