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Application of Titanium Alloy in Ships and Corrosion Protection (2)

Russia is the earliest country in the world to develop and use marine titanium alloys, and it is also the country with the widest range and the largest number of marine titanium alloys. It mainly includes PT-7M, PT-1M, PT-3V, 37, 5V titanium alloy and its corresponding welding wire, and forms marine titanium alloy products of different strength grades such as 490, 585, 686 and 785 MPa. Titanium alloy has been successfully applied to the following components and equipment on ships: deep water risers, supply pipes, pumps, filters, sea pipes, drinking water pipes, drilling pipes and groundwater pipes, heat exchangers, diesel engines Independent fire pump and fire extinguishing system, deep water equipment shell, outer well system flexible pipe, pressure vessel, high-strength flexible tensile part of platform fastening joint, process solution piping and container, etc., and successively in the former Soviet series nuclear power icebreaker "Lenin, "Arctic", "Russian", "Soviet" and other types of ships. The titanium steam generator on the former Soviet series of nuclear-powered icebreakers has been safely used for 20 to 40 years, and No serious damage occurred.

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