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Application of Titanium Alloy in Ships and Corrosion Protection (1)

The ship is the most important equipment of the navy. It is a platform for maritime transportation and combat. The materials used to build the ship should be resistant to seawater and marine atmosphere corrosion, with high specific strength, good plastic toughness and good processingmanship. Due to the complex structure of the ship, the amount of materials used is large, and there are many varieties and specifications. The selection of high-performance materials to make warships is the basis for ensuring the integrity and advancement of naval equipment.
Titanium alloys are used on ships, mainly based on the following characteristics of titanium alloys: wide range of strength, excellent mechanical properties, unique physical properties (including magnetic properties), high specific strength and structural effectiveness, excellent Corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, excellent impact resistance, good processability and weldability, reasonable cost and effectiveness. The experience of a large number of marine piping materials has confirmed that the service life of traditional materials in pipeline systems is limited. Among them, corrosion occurs in steel pipe systems after 1.2 to 2 years, and the service life of CuNi piping systems is 6-8 years. The tubes, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, etc. in the titanium alloy piping system can be used for more than 40 years. Since marine titanium alloys need to be used for a long time in the marine environment, the design of marine titanium alloys requires comprehensive consideration of alloy strength, stress corrosion fracture toughness, weldability, and the like.

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