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Copper Alloy Brazing Weldment Rod

Copper Alloy Brazing Weldment Rod is used to join copper and other metals. It is widely used for welding copper tubing in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Other applications include heavy motors, transformers, and submersible pumps. It is also used in the manufacture of carbide and switch gear.
Brazing is an excellent choice for joining copper or other metals, as its high melting point is ideal for joining copper pipes. However, it must be noted that brazing copper tubing may cause annealing of the tube, lowering its rated pressure. Copper alloys can be brazed to other metals, including stainless steels and cast iron.
Copper-phosphorus brazing alloys are commonly used for joining copper and other metals. They have excellent corrosion resistance and are self-fluxing. They are also a low-cost alternative to silver brazing alloys. It is also available in a wide range of compositions and melting temperatures.

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