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Silver Alloy Brazing Materials

There are several different types of silver alloy brazing materials available in the market. These materials are ideal for joining most common engineering metals, including copper alloys. They can also be used for joining stainless steel and mild steel. However, they are not suitable for joining aluminium alloys.
Paste brazing materials are made from silver and other metals and contain a fluxing agent. The fluxing agent has a lower melting point than the filler metal, which helps in keeping the base metal clean and preventing it from reacting with the molten metal. The fluxing agent is applied with a brush to the parts being brazed together.
Silver brazing alloys are used to join all metals, with the exception of magnesium and aluminum, which have lower melting points than silver. However, the fumes emitted by silver brazing materials are highly toxic, and it is important to protect yourself from it. To minimize exposure to the fumes, use proper personal protective equipment and ventilation whenever you work with silver alloy brazing materials. The surfaces other than cadmium plating can be cleaned mechanically with a wire brush. Alternatively, you can use an acid pickling process. However, you must take extra care when grinding the cadmium surfaces back to the base metal.
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