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Silver Alloy brazing materials have a variety of uses

Silver Alloy brazing materials have a variety of uses and are ideally suited to a wide range of applications. This metal is ideal for welding nonferrous metals and ferrous alloys together. Silver braze materials are often used for brazing pipes and joints in the plumbing and electrical industries. They are also useful for joining steels and nickel alloys.
Silver brazing alloys contain cadmium which reduces the temperature of joining and assists with wetting the base metals. These alloys are suitable for general brazing and are also useful for joining large joint clearances. However, they must be handled carefully as cadmium fumes can be harmful to health.
BAg-35, also known as Silvaloy A35, is an excellent general purpose alloy. It is resistant to corrosion and dezincification, and is ideal for joining nonferrous and ferrous metals. It is also used for brazing parts in refrigeration systems and is suitable for environments where ammonia is present.
BAg-8b (BVAg-8b), also known as Silvaloy B72, is the most commonly used silver brazing material. It has superior wetting and flow strength and is also ideal for joining metalized ceramics. Its low melting point and low coefficient of friction make it an excellent choice for many applications.
Oxyacetylene process requires a strong reducing flame. The outer cone of the flame should be a few degrees higher than the inner cone of the flame. The thickness of the filler metal should be 0.002 inches or less. A thin film of filler metal is added to the joint to increase its strength.

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