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Vacuum material zirconium (5)

Military use
From the perspective of military industry, as long as one thousandth of zirconium is added to the steel, the hardness and strength will increase dramatically. Zirconium-containing armor steel, cannon forging steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel are important materials for the manufacture of armored vehicles, tanks, cannons and bulletproof panels.
From the point of view of atomic energy and nuclear energy, zirconium has outstanding nuclear energy and is an indispensable material for the development of atomic energy industry. China's large nuclear power plants generally use zirconium. If nuclear power is used to generate electricity, each million kilowatts of power generation capacity, one year. It consumes 20 to 25 tons of metal zirconium. The zirconium alloy used in a 30,000-horsepower nuclear submarine can be used as a nuclear fuel envelope and pressure tube, which can be used up to 20 to 30 tons.
Zirconium is a rare metal with amazing corrosion resistance, high melting point, high hardness and strength. It is widely used in aerospace, military, nuclear reaction and atomic energy fields. The anti-corrosion and high-resistance titanium products used on "Shenzhou VI" have far less corrosion resistance than zirconium, and its melting point is about 1600 degrees, while the melting point of zirconium is above 1800 degrees, and the melting point of zirconium dioxide is as high as 2700. Above the degree, so zirconium as an aerospace material, its performance in all aspects is much superior to titanium.

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