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What Are Red Copper Wires?

If you've ever been tempted to poke around inside of your electrical panel, you've likely noticed that the different colors of wires serve different purposes. While bare copper wires are often used as ground wires, the National Electrical Code requires the use of gray or white wires as neutral conductors. In most cases, these are the colors used in standard household circuits. Regardless of how they look, it's important to understand their function and how they differ from one another.
When looking to purchase red copper wires for your electrical project, it's a good idea to look at a video that compares different wire colors. This video will allow you to see the differences between different colors, and make the decision for yourself. Regardless of your reason for sourcing red copper wires, remember to choose a brand that specializes in copper products. There are many sellers on Trade India that are ready to serve you with the best deals possible.
For the most part, red copper wires are suitable for use with all wiring devices. They are also suitable for power supply at the same temperatures and conditions. The red color of red copper wires is the result of a varnish coating over the wire. When choosing a wire, consider the size, gauge, and insulation. Copper wire is generally sized from 10 to 14 gauge. Unlike THHN wire, this type has a lower price per pound.

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