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What Are the Qualities of Free Cutting Brass?

If you're considering a project that requires cutting brass components, you'll want to consider a process called "Free Cutting Brass". The free-cutting process removes as much as 65% of the metal from the parts, so you can use these components for a variety of applications. For more information, visit Farmer's Copper Ltd., where the sales staff can provide you with expert advice on cutting brass. It is an excellent option for many different types of manufacturing processes and is highly recommended for many applications.
Most of the brasses used in the world today are machined into finished products. The most widely used type contains 60 percent copper, 2 to 3% lead, and 37% zinc. It is commonly known as Free Cutting Brass, but its official designation is UNS/ANSI Alloy C36000. More than half of the brass consumed is of this type. To determine its composition, check the UNS/ANSI list of materials.
The Free Cutting Brass alloy is a superior material for machining operations. Its machinability, thread rolling, and knurling characteristics are exceptional, and it has a 100 machinability rating. It is also a standard copper alloy that is easy to solder and resists corrosion. This makes it an excellent choice for a variety of applications, including hardware fittings, valve stems, and faucet components. Listed below are some of the qualities of Free Cutting Brass.

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